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Historical Map
Birds Eye View of Puget Sound Washington
Birds Eye View of San Juan Islands Washington

Historical San Juan Islands Map. Historical Puget Sound Map.  Orientation to the San Juan Islands Birds eye view map

Puget Sound Washington
Puget Sound a deep water inlet of the North Pacific in northwestern Washington State.
United States Geological Survey defines Puget Sound as a bay with numerous channels and branches.
Puget Sound was given its name by George Vancouver for Lieutenant Peter Puget, who explored its southern end in 1792. Puget Sound Washington was concidered at one time the body of water extending south from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. By common usage Puget Sound is now considered to be all of Washington's inland waters. Along Puget Sound shores are cities and towns running north from Olympia to the Canadian border, East to the Casacade Mountains, West to the Pacific Ocean. 

San Juan Islands include:
Barnes Island - Blind Island - Brown Island - Center Island - Clark Island - Crane Island - Cypress Island
Decatur Island - Doe Island - Eliza Island - Flattop Island - Goose Island - Henry Island - James Island
Johns Island - Jones Island - Lopez Island - Lummi Island - Matia Island - Obstruction Island
Orcas Island - Patos Island - Pearl Island - San Juan Island - Shaw Island - Smith Island
Spieden Island - Stuart Island - Sucia Island - Waldron Island.
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San Juan Islands Ferry Schedule
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NOTE: When you purchase your WSF ticket you are paying for a round trip ticket. On your way back to Anacortes (eastbound) you can get off and visit any island for as long as you want. As long as you are going Eastbound there is no charge to get on and off the Ferry.

San Juan Islands History
Geological, Natural and Cultural History.
Island History and Museum's including Historical Sites and Historical Records.
Events that changed the course of history. San Juan Islands bizarre conflicts and confrontations.
History of the San Juan Islands

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